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NAF is a professional supplier of cut and split cords with a commitment to consistent quality, competitive pricing and top-notch customer service.

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Robert Proulx

Yard Manager

Robert loves working with wood and he always prioritizes producing high quality products. Robert is constantly developing and carrying out intelligent seasoning practices and he spends his days operating one of our two production lines, circulating split wood to ensure even exposure, and even making deliveries. With all of Robert’s responsibilities managing the woodyard for NAF, his favorite assignment is exceeding customer expectations.

Excavation and Septic Repair

Rob Wilich


As a North Atlantic business owner since the age of 12, Rob’s entrepreneurial spirit and love for bar-raising customer experience has taken the service industry in Southeastern NH by storm! Rob offers us the vision of the master plan. Business development and customer relations are on his short list of daily activities. He strives to ensure the same 5 star experience is delivered to the largest or the smallest customer.
Excavation and Septic Repair

Chad Knowles

General Manager

Chad started his career as a service business owner in the Seacoast of NH and ME; and later moved into a Project Manager roll in a medium to large sized Construction company in CT. Chad, “the glue to the operation,” is integral in personnel, equipment, and job management. Skilled with weighing all the options and making the right decision at the right time under the hardest of circumstances; a job that Chad is on is a job well done.

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