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Oil Price Fluctuations and a Solution

   Recently, you might have seen this article about rising oil prices from the Associated Press. This article really isn’t reliable. It is based off of the US Energy Information Agency’s Annual Energy Outlook. This was published in early July and hasn’t taken into account the enormous changes that have occurred since then. It should be colder this year than last year was, but the cost of heating fuel depends on much more than that.

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Is firewood a risk to one’s health and wellbeing?

   Burning firewood isn’t a risk to anyone’s health if it is properly seasoned and burned responsibly. People need to have an efficient air-tight firewood stove (or appliance) and dry, clean firewood to burn.

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When Should You Buy Your Firewood?

   You should buy your wood as early as possible, but no less than a couple of months before you intend to burn it. This goes for all types and species. The exception is if you purchase kiln dried firewood, which is ready to burn immediately. That benefit just comes with a much larger price tag.

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Stacking Firewood for Optimal Seasoning

   As the warmest days of the year approach, you might want to start preparing for the coldest days of the year that are just around the corner. The first part of your preparation is to ensure that you have enough firewood for the upcoming winter (if you need help getting firewood, please contact North Atlantic Firewood). The second step is stacking the wood so that it is fully seasoned and ready to burn as soon as you find yourself shivering inside your house.

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What “Type” of Firewood Should You Buy?

   This is the time of year to prepare for New England’s Winter. It seems strange to be thinking like this while you are just unpacking your shorts from storage, but it is the case. The first question you need to address is, “What type of wood should I buy?” We will be reviewing the four most common “types” of firewood:  green, semi-seasoned, seasoned, and kiln-dried.

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