Split 4 months

  • Should be stacked before burning
  • Great for outdoor firepits



Split 10 months
  • Our driest firewood
  • Most efficent to burn
  • Easy to light


Newly Split
  • Most Economical
  • Tumbled Once



  • NAF offers a professional and friendly delivery service with flexible scheduling

  • Delivery fee depends on your town

  •  We can deliver up to 4 cords at a time



Our customers are stoked about the wood we've given them!

We love the firewood Rob sent to us. We stacked it almost as soon as it hit the ground and it burned easily and evenly a couple weeks after.

Sam H., Pittsfield, NH

This was as clean a cord as I've gotten in years and Henri was great at delivering the wood to a tight spot at the edge of my driveway. Thank you!

James H., Hampton, NH

North Atlantic did a great job sending my order over. As it was getting colder and colder by the day, we had to burn it a little earlier than expected. It worked great! Thank you so much for the quick delivery and great wood!

Dave S., Hollis, NH